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Gravel Outdry Boots
Gravel Outdry BootsGravel Outdry BootsGravel Outdry Boots

Gravel Outdry Boots

295,00 €
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Endless performance for endless adventures. These boots are engineered to redefine rugged with a blend of components that out dry, out protect, and
outlast in any riding condition. The waterproof-yet-breathable design also features a thermoformed shin guard, heel cup, and toe cap for added safety
without sacrificing comfort.

• Stay Dry: Laminated Hydratex Sphere (H2O) construction creates a waterproof/breathable barrier.
• Ride Enhancing Features: Constructed with rugged materials and quality components to withstand Adventure Touring abuse. Riders can be confident
these boots will hold up for many seasons. The rubber abrasion edge minimizes damage from flying stones and dirt while riding or repeated wear from
foot flexion.
• Materials: Omega leather outer shell is full-grain cow hide that delivers outstanding durability and rider comfort.
• Fit & Mobility: Rider’s feet stay dry without compromising comfort or dexterity.
• Design Details: Thermoformed shin guard, heel cup and toe cap adds foot protection without sacrificing comfort.
• Certification: Certified to EN13634:2017.


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