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Leatt Niskatuki 3.5 Musta
Leatt Niskatuki 3.5 MustaLeatt Niskatuki 3.5 Musta

Leatt Niskatuki 3.5 Musta

239,00 €
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We understand the need for products for all pockets, the Leatt GPX 3.5 neck brace is lightweight, has an adjustable rear thoracic and is super stylish,
this makes the 3.5 a great buy. The brace is designed to allow the forces during an accident to be reduced and transferred through the brace into the
strong muscles of the body rather than the small fragile bones in the neck. Feel protected and ride with confidence. Next step up would be our 5.5 neck
brace that offers the same safety but with a lot more adjustability for a custom fit.


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