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Pro Armor® 40" Single Row LED Light Bar

Pro Armor® 40" Single Row LED Light Bar

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The Pro Armor 40" Single Row LED Light Bar throws more light down the trail and your surroundings. Or use it to light up your entire campsite or work
area. The Polaris® RZR® light bar pumps out a whopping 7000 lumens while using just 9-amps! That’s the same light output as four 100-watt
incandescent light bulbs! To get such high light output and low current, the product uses energy efficient 3-watt LEDs made by CREE, a world
renowned LED manufacturer. To cast the light farther and wider, the light bar incorporates both flood and spot beam optics, making it far more
versatile than “flood only” light bars.

Long life rugged construction with Polaris® RZR® lights

All LEDs and power electronics mount on a high density extruded heatsink to keep the components cool and ensure long life. The exterior housing is
made from sturdy extruded aluminum and cast end panels to form a rigid body that stands up to rugged use. Plus, the IPX67 Waterproof and
Dustproof Design* provides high water resistance and maximum protection against dust infiltration so internal components stay dry and dust-free. The
high impact polycarbonate lens protects the LEDs and optics from damage by debris and objects. A UV Polyester powder coating resists sun and
weather damage so the light bar keeps its good looks. The product comes complete with stable adjustable mounting hardware and waterproof

* IPX67 is an Ingress Protection Rating of 6 out 6 for protection against harmful dust and a 7 out 8 rating for protection against the intrusion of water.
A water resistance rating of 7 means the device can withstand rain, splashing and accidental submersion in water at a depth of up to 3.3’ (1 meter) for
up to 30 minutes. Rating definitions are set by International Electrotechnical Commission.

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