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Rigid® SR-Series 10" Spot LED Light

Rigid® SR-Series 10" Spot LED Light

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The Rigid® SR-Series 10 in. Spot LED Light Bar combines patented hybrid flood and spot optics to throw 7,920 lumens as far as 2355 ft. (718 meters)
down the trail. That extreme down-trail illumination is a critical safety factor when riding at higher speeds. Measuring just 12-5/16 in. L x 1-5/16 H x 3
in. Depth, the sleek low profile design of this is perfect for applications where you need a really powerful down-trail light but space is limited. Rigid®
builds the SR-Series 10 in. spot LED light bar to marine grade standards so it stands up to the elements and everything else you'll encounter along the
trail. The extruded aluminum housing is treated with a chromate conversion coating to resist corrosion. Then the exterior is coated with a high quality
UV-resistant powder coat finish. All mounting hardware is 316 marine-grade stainless steel that looks great and resists rust. The unbreakable scratch
resistant polycarbonate lens withstands impacts from trail debris and never yellows. The integrated thermal management system includes RMI/EMI
interference protection, reverse polarity protection and an over-sized heat sink to keep the LEDs and power electronics cool and extend LED life up to
50,000 hours. The electronics include over/under voltage protection and high SAE 3575 shock/vibration protection. All Rigid® SR-Series light bars
incorporate a custom molded synthetic polymer sealing gasket to prevent water and dust intrusion. The GORE breathable membrane pressure
equalizing vent maintains gasket integrity by relieving pressure and allowing air in and out, while keeping moisture and dust out. The light bar's IP68
dust and moisture protection rating is the highest possible, so the internal components stay dry and dust free in all weather conditions, from -40° F to
145°F/-40°C-60°C. RIGID® is a registered trademark of RIGID Industries LED Lighting A Polaris Pulse Ready Accessory



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